Episode 7 of Wrestle Crush Wednesday!

Episode 7 of Wrestle Crush Wednesday is here! Ric & Jesse crack open a can of BAWLS and rundown this week’s NXT, a SHOCKING Wellness Policy Violation, how much we think Kane going for the World Title is BALLS, and just how much we love John Cena this week.

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Ep6 of Wrestle Crush Wednesday!

Despite a pretty good job interview last week, Jesse still doesn’t have a job, so Episode 6 of Wrestle Crush Wednesday is here! Hooray unemployemnt! This week Ric & Jesse quickly rundown this week’s (notably THF heavy)edition of NXT, and then later rundown this past weekend’s Night of Champions Network Special. We’ll tell what went right, mostly what went wrong, and why we think NXT is better.

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Ep5 – Wrestle Crush Wednesday!

It’s hump day, and you know what that means. NO, NOT THAT! Sheesh! It’s time for your weekly dose of wrestling recaps and reviews! Ric & Jesse bring you first hand reports of last week’s NXT tapings at Full Sail Live, and later give their thoughts on TNA’s latest Hall of “Fame” Inductee.

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Episode 4 is live!

FOUR WEEKS IN A ROW! A NEW RECORD! Ric and Jesse are back to talk about this past week in wrestling. We’ve got a new NXT Diva signing, the beginnings of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and Big E ate a kazoo.

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Ep3 of WCW!

Team HAMMA FIST is back once again with your weekly dose of wrestling news and recaps.

This week, Ric and Jesse wrap up coverage of NXT’s big weekend in Brooklyn, and touch on the many….interesting….news stories from this week in the wrestling world.

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