Episode 11

BREAKING NEWS! WE AREN’T STOPPING AT TEN WEEKS! Also in other news, Ric is very sleepy this week and Jesse didn’t bother to do a rundown, leaving what may actually be our most coherent show yet! We talk about Hell In A Cell, Breaking Ground, and whatever else we can think of!

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TEN WHOLE WEEKS! AMAZEBALLS! Jesse’s kid was in the hospital this Wednesday, so say hello to Wrestle Crush Weekend! There’s a silver lining though, as Ric went to this past Thursday’s NXT Taping, and is ready and GABLE to provide a fresh out of the box report of what we can expect in the coming weeks on our favorite wrestling show. SPOILER ALERT, Ric holds nothing back, so if you want to live spoiler free, Jesse also dropped a hot new webcomic on the main THF site (#CheapPlug).

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Ep9 of WCW!

Episode 9 is TAKING OVER your earspace! See what we did there? Cause this is our TakeOver: Respect recap show? No? Never mind. Anyway, WHAT A WEEK IN WRESTLING! BAYLEY VS SASHA! ASUKA! JAMES STORM! NOBODY DIED!

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