Episode 21 (was) Live!

Team HAMMA FIST is back and we (were) LIVE! Ric & Jesse rundown the recent news in the world of WWE and NXT, including the most recent NXT Takeover, Dean Ambrose winning the WWE Title, Roman Reigns’ suspension, and most importantly of all, THE DRAFT IS BACK! To commemorate the occasion, THF held its own mock draft (just like every other wrestling podcast out there). Tune in and see where your favorite WWE Superstars ended up in our little fantasy Multiverse.

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Episode 15!

SPECIAL WEEKEND POST THANKSGIVING BLACK FRIDAY REPORT! The THF boys went to the most recent NXT tapings, and are back to tell you how awesome it was! Also we’ll address the fallout from Survivor Series, and at some point we’ll talk about gator tacos!

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